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How it's Made

A Warm Welcome

Family-owned since 1923

The most important ingredient in the Lou Mitchell’s breakfast is family. Five generations of family have owned Lou Mitchell’s, and someone from the family is always there managing the restaurant or kitchen. Lou Mitchell’s is steeped in tradition, and is the oldest continually-running restaurant in Chicago. Rather than having ambitions to grow nation-wide, our goal is to provide amazing food, amazing service, and a restaurant that feels like home.

Warm, abundant hospitality

Greeks are known for their welcoming hospitality. Lou Mitchell’s has always been an unpretentious restaurant, where we try to make everyone feel at home. It’s the kind of place where a celebrity can be spotted enjoying a good meal and chatting with the guys in hard hats building our city. It’s where free Milk Duds are handed out to the ladies and kids. It’s where politicians come for good luck on their campaign trail, and where bikers start their journey on Route 66. More than anything, it’s a place for families to enjoy a great start to their day.

We’re glad you’re here!

Ever since Uncle Lou first said it, it was never a catch-phrase, but rather something we incorporated into every part of our restaurant. We really are very glad you’re here! Thank you so much for your patronage, and we hope you enjoy every bit of your stay at our restaurant.

Excellence is a constant effort, and Quality stands out.

Great food, Great service, Great prices – Lou Mitchell’s.

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