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How it's Made

Home-baked bread

It all starts with the ingredients

Our first rule for making great bread: never compromise. When you’re running a restaurant, only accept the best.

Other companies might cut corners by:

  • Adding emulsifiers to strengthen the dough to make slicing easier and making the dough rise faster
  • Using oxidizing agents to enhance gluten reformation for high-speed bread production
  • Adding reducing agents to reduce mixing times and improve machineability of the dough

We never use any of these chemical additives

We use only pure, all-natural, healthy ingredients in our bread. The reason our bread is delicious is our dedication to traditional home-style breadmaking.

How it’s Made

Our bread recipes have been handed down through five generations of family ownership. Although we won’t share the exact ingredients, we’ll be happy to give you an overview of our baking process. Real breadmaking can be time-consuming, but it’s also really simple.

First, we measure and mix the ingredients. After kneading the dough, we let the dough rise for sixty minutes. While rising, the size of the dough can increase up to three times, making it light and fluffy. Next, we brush an egg wash on top and sprinkle sesame seeds. The dough is then put into the oven in a 2 lb loaf pan, and after twenty minutes the golden loaves form a crunchy crust and are ready to cool and then be sliced and served.

That’s all there is to a delicious loaf of bread. The only secret is in our recipes. All of our bread is baked fresh daily.

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